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bambmap.gif (2792 bytes)bamble.gif (2402 bytes)Bamble is a collection of 3 earlier counties Stathelle, Langesund and Bamble. They merged to one county in 1964. Bamble is located to the area of Grenland, Telemark, and border to Porsgrunn, Skien, Drangedal and Kragerø 

This page will, mostly, contain information from Bamble. You will find sources registrated by me or other genealogists in Grenland.


My name is Kersti Sorter. I have done research since about 1990. I am a member of Grenland Ættehistorielag with "Ætt og Annet", Vestfold Slektshistorielag with "Gjallarhorn" and Shetland Family History Society with "Coontin Kin"

I am also member of DIS Norge and Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening

Here is what you will find

About myself and my husband Information and ancestors
Sources from Bamble Probate records, censuses and cemeteries.
Sources from Brevik Probate records, Brevik churchbook 1901-24, death and birth. Census 1885
Cemeteries Various cemeteries

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